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12 Most Popular Activity On The Internet

Internet is one of the major medium to update and develop our knowledge, People are spending more time on the internet. They may be vary for each person’s but their activities are the most popular, some of the few popular activities are the furnished below.

Reading and sending mails is the most popular and common activity, the younger generation are using this for text message and instant chatting.


There is no age limit for this activity , both children and aged people are playing, There are lot of online games are download from the internet, web development company create and devlop the application of games.

 Social Networking

Social networking has become digital town of the squares, one who have share their thoughts here, The popular activity which make connection to peoples among neighborhood and relatives and friends , the networking site like face book and twitter they share their thoughts with world.


Internet has become shopping mall for the customers, they purchasing through online shopping portal like eBay and Amazon and Wal-Mart by credit cards, This make easy shopping for the customers.


This activity become so popular among the business people , Now there is lot of online news channel which update the news globally all around the world like NDTV and CNN etc.., and too the news magazine are also read online.


The weather is unpredictable for the people who live in and around the world. So through internet people have their local weather on their desktop for constant monitoring. Others have a weather website set as their browser’s home page.


Booking for Hotels, flights and agencies is now easy with internet and it is one of the exclusive activities, internet has become the travel agent who can meet all our vacation and business travel needs.


Internet is one of the trusted sources for Health, by consulting medical websites we can get a online doctor appointment, internet is used to get opinion about diagnosis and symptoms of the health.


Internet allow you to choose your hobby with your own interest .


The greatest source of the entertainment is the internet, we can watch movies and tv shows and comedies and fun , The innovative picture and interesting things can be viewed online.

 Make a phone call online

we can make a phone call all over world through online, there is cheap and good facility for making call in Skype and net2phone etc..

 Online Matrimony

Online matrimonal are helpful to select their life partners, the online matrimony website like Tamil Matrimony and Shaadi and etc.. are proudly doing this services, Online matrimonial is one of the profitable business in India and all over the world.

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