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55,000 Twitter Accounts Hacked- Hurry Up Change Your password Now

Today the hot news is thousand of twitter account have been hacked in and all around the world, more than 55,000 passwords were leaked and posted to Pastebin by unknown hackers, here most of the accounts are spammers and many were duplicate entries, Twitter and their officials pointed “probably you change your password today”. Twitter has also taken additional steps by sending out emails to users of affected accounts, if any user affected and have to change the account twitter help center there.

More than 20,000 accounts consist of alleged accounts and passwords, Twitter said it’s “looking into the situation and have pushed out password resets to potentially affected accounts,” which would indicate that at least some of them belong to legitimate users with valid login.

 MSNBC pinged Twitter ,though Twitter did add that “For those who are hacked may have been compromised, we are suggest resetting your passwords. We’ll take it one step further and say that if you’re using the same password for multiple accounts ie Twitter and Gmail, change the password and have different login details.

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