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Bing To Introduce New Look On WebMaster Tools

Bing has big idea to release a new webmaster tools update, the changes of webmaster in Bing relates about the user experience and will change how you view and interact with your site’s data. Webmaster tool now include easy readable dash board option with colors and arrow option to indicate the change in the metrics. Some arrow indications are

Green – arrows pointing up are used to show and increase 

Red    –  arrows pointing down are used to show and decrease 

The dashboard are easy to view and take reports they are range from clicks and crawl metrics and spark line graph, this color indication are useful in handling reports from dash board. Further the metrics have various controls to turn on or off the metrics, and also you can extract the deep data from the metrics, previously these webmaster tools requires required silver light now it is entirely changed into HTML5 , the cross browser support features enables in the Bing, the new features allow you to compare data from time periods.

Under the report and data new feature called SEO reports added, These reports run automatically every other week and scan your site for compliance with best SEO practices error or suggestions are ranked by low or high priority, These reports tell about page and instances.

“SEO Analyzer tools” under the “Diagnostics & Tools” allow you to generate the reports if you want the quick answer regarding the web, the inbound links provide information about which site has linked to your website.

The new Link Explorer tool used to analyze the sites link to your pages, not only the links but also determine the anchor text this tool allows you to filter site by site, anchor text and other additional features, the back link and internal site is analyzed. For both SEO Analyzer and Link Explorer tools Bing keep privacy for the features.

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