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Bing To Roll New 3 column Search Design Coming Week

Bing will soon launch a new search results design, Bing is introducing three column design with organic search , snapshot and Social side bar, it is a futile attempt to challenge Google, For the past year, Bing has customizing search results based on the Facebook like page .This new design will increase the search results and social activity for the websites.

 Organic Results: Bing is focusing on simplified, traditional and relevant organic search results, Bing will remove the unnecessary links ie the results aren’t that relevant to the users with 75 percent of searches not providing users the right answers, this will result of giving more relevant results quickly.

Snapshot : The Snapshot column in the middle to show the user information about specific places or topics likely hotels, restaurant and movies and this will relevantly show the events, hour and maps and reviews added by users or the companies.

Until now people have to visit different site to read , review , but bing made it easier now by lifting and assembling the most useful information in a way that people can make valuable.

Social Sidebar:This is one of the important feature by Bing , this will bring all the social activity and social network live. Bing will pull information from social networks like Facebook, twitter,linked in and Google+ ,blogger and Skype. This will contain following features.

  • Ask Friends
  • Friends Who Might Know
  • People Who Know
  • Activity

Ask Friends: You can ask or post question to Facebook and tag your questions or topics but you can answer from either Facebook or bing.

Friends Who Might Know: when you authorize bing ,sidebar help to post question from Facebook, based on the like pages from Facebook and profile information or photos you can easily share your thoughts.

People Who Know: Beyond friends , you can find people about the topic what you are searching based on their blog and tweets, and too you can get get updates from social network experts about this topic ,you can follow them and ask question and share their thoughts.

Activity feed: You can post question and share your thoughts or you may answer the question in either Facebook or in the bing sidebar.

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