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Blekko Seo Tool Getting Updated Infos From Search Engine Crawler

The free seo tool Blekko have announced major improvement to crawl current data from their scout jet crawler, the 5 highlighted upgrades are 
• Continuous update of the crawl and index 
• Hourly updates about top ranked sites 
• Updating of the seo data’s 
• Continuous updating of the link counts 
• Around 4 billion page will be indexed and 100 million pages updated daily 
Blekko is the slash tag engine; this slash tag is used to bring relevant information in the different parameter such as by date or blog. The blekko give user access to information on links, duplicate content and site pages. 
The scout jet crawler updates top ranked pages by every hour. Blekko index around 4 billion pages and update 100 million page per day. Whenever the scout jet crawls user have access to information about blekko seo product.

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