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Eye Tracking By Tobbi Technologies Sweden

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Eye Tracking is the measurement of eye activity Where we look, ignore, blink , How does the pupil react to different stimuli, Eye tracking data is collected using either a remote or head-mounted ‘eye tracker’ connected to a computer. While there are many different types of non-intrusive eye trackers, they generally include two common components a light source and a camera. The light source is directed toward the eye. The camera tracks the reflection of the light source along the pupil. Now the hot topic all around the world is tracking computer with eyes, It is successfully achieved by Sweden Tobbi technology.

 There are many different methods to explore eye tracking . The most common is to analyze the visual path of one or more participants across an interface such as a computer screen. Each eye data observation is translated into a set of pixel coordinates. This type of analysis is used to determine a particular feature captures attention, how quickly the eye moves.

 The automotive, medical and defense industries have applied eye tracking technology to make us safer. The fields of advertising,entertainment, packaging and web design have all benefited by the visual behavior of the consumer ,We might drive a car, read a magazine and surf the internet These are the applications of eye tracking ,Every day, as eye tracking is used in creative new ways, the list of applications grows.

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