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Facebook To Introduce New Apps Center

Recently Facebook announced its plan to launch an online App center, a new place for people to find social apps, This apps center helpful for the developers to grow their apps .Coming weeks people can access the App center on web and in ios and Androids.

 Place For great Apps: More over 900 million people using Facebook, this place will be the new place to develop their apps , it is the central place to find apps games like Bubble witch Saga and draw Something, each app have it own page .

Growth for Quality apps: The success of the app depend on its quality, we look quality on user rating and engagement, introduces a new app rating in insights to report how user rate your app Well designed apps when the people enjoy by that apps it will be displayed in the center but poor rating apps will not be displayed in the Face book Apps Center .

Mobile Apps Installation: This Apps center is designed to develop the mobile apps like ios , Android or mobile web , this app center allow to download their specific mobile apps ,if they require installation they will sent sent to download the apps from App Store or Google Play.

Create Your page : Each developers should create this App page, this will be the destination for non user to search your apps in the Facebook, you can add image and configure the permission your app require, after submission guideline ensure your page so that it does not removed.

Paid Apps: To support more types of apps on Facebook, this paid apps is an opportunity for the developers, This is simple to implement payment feature that let people use a pay flat fee to use this app on the Facebook. This is new way to grow their apps with the Facebook app center.

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