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Factors To Consider While Choosing Fonts For Web Design

A website is designed with the plan of communicating ideas to its web users through text and images. Through images a website conveys the ideas of its services or business and the content defines it. However, highly-researched and well-written content is not enough to hold a reader’s consideration. Text fonts have both visual and emotional impact on readers and they can either boost, or reduce readership.

The first thing you should think before you create a website design and include content is that you should consider the fonts to be used for content. Your fonts should be such that, they compliment your content, else they will fail to draw the desired online traffic. Hence companies of php development india should keep this in mind while web design. Fonts can also bring in psychological affect on the reader.

Here are some factors to consider when selecting font for your webpage


The very significant factor to consider in web design is the usability of the font. Studies and research show that the number one problem viewers voiced about a website, primarily complaining that small font sizes or low contrast between the font and the background, caused limited usability for visitors. Hence you can understand the significance of using a font that is user friendly. If the font in the website is not understandable by the readers, it is completely worthless. Essentially, php development companies should take care such that, the font are of right size, style, color, and shade in order to allow the user to access the content on the page with ease.

Font Readability

Don’t select fonts based on its style, but based on its readability. Fancy fonts look so tempting to use them to improve the overall beauty of your webpage, but such fonts are hard to read. Web users will usually scan parts of text instead of reading them line-by-line. If fonts hamper visual scanning, your readers will have complexity understanding your message.


The key for a flourishing website depends on its ease of access. “Web accessibility” is the art of making websites easily accessed by all types of people including those with certain disabilities, different languages, or lack of access to certain technology. This idea is derived the fact that regardless of individuals limitations all people should be given equal opportunity to access websites. Thus, even if you, as the web developer, have thousands of fonts installed on your computer, keep in mind that you are limited by what fonts the users have installed on their computers. If the user does not have your website font installed on their computers, then it may not appear to them as you intended it, or they may not be able to view it at all. We can not say that all the users are technically strong, so remember to implement a typeface that is universal, so more people can have access to your information. Be careful with accessibility, keep in mind that the font must be big enough and have enough contrast against the background in order to assist those with problems with sight or the elderly to read with ease.

Select the Font Gender

Fonts are classified based on its gender. Serif fonts are regarded as feminine fonts and bold fonts are considered masculine fonts. You can select the font gender based on your site’s content and target audience. For instance, if your website sells beauty products for women, choosing feminine font will help, while if the site sells car accessories, a masculine font would be more appropriate. Italics are normally used in women-centric websites, and straight-lined fonts in men-centric websites.

Target Audience

While designing your website, your target audience plays an important role, whether Children, elderly, web developers, lawyers, bankers, teen-agers or anyone, and the font should be selected with respect to them. The font you select should take into account the viewers you expect to come to your site, because that can make a difference as to what font you select. For instance for old people, larger easier to read font are to be selected and fun decorative fonts can be used for children. If you consider that your visitors or users will not be reading much on the page, and if you want your viewers to feel confident and reassured in your ability, use a more blocked font.

Fonts play a very important role in creating a visual idea of your company before its target audience. Therefore an association between business, content and fonts is very important for developing a website. However whatever fonts you opt for your website, its readability rules.

The font selection also depends on the web development companies experience. To portray a professional image for your website and to bring in aesthetically pleasing effect you can opt in for .net development companies. Your font should always add to the universal look and feel of your site, which can be incorporated web application development companies.

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