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Five Design Pitfalls to let alone

The goal of any design is to efficiently converse a message. Naturally this means promoting a brand or selling a product.

Less is Excess

Every constituent added to a design increases cognitive discord, meaning that it makes the site’s message more hard for the customer to find. It will take some constraint, but I promise that less is more when communicating a brand message.

Color Palette

Steadiness of message is significant and that includes colors. If you have a set of authorized colors, those should be the colors used in your website. Preferably those same colors will be used on every page. A continually changing color assortment implies chaotic association, while a consistent color scheme looks professional.


With the enormous collection of fonts liberally available online, it’s tempting to use a different font for every element of your design. Like your color palette, it’s significant to decide two or three fonts at most and stick with them throughout your marketing materials.


Photos are incredible to connect with your customers, but they’re also the most noticeable indicator of your professionalism. A stock photo from the Web or your Uncle’s point and shoot camera will immediately cheapen your brand’s honesty. With photos, more than anything else, it’s significant to use completely professional photos to praise your brand and products.

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