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Google To Launch a New App to Synchronize Outlook With Gmail

It’s a plug in for the outlook 2003, 2007 or 2010 to manage Google apps mail, contacts and calendar, It synchronize the email, contacts and calendar between your Google profile in outlook and your Google apps account. Version 3.1 of Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is going to roll out over the next 2-3 weeks.

 Cloud with Google Apps: Access your mail, contacts, calendar are stored in your Google account in the cloud and in Outlook on your computer. Google Apps Sync makes sure data is the same in both places by regularly copying Incoming messages, meeting invitations, and contacts are downloaded from the cloud to Outlook, you can access this information from any computer anywhere, by outlook or login using Google App.

New features:

Hiding the Synchronization Status -You can hide the Synchronization Status dialog from opening by default when a new user first launches Google Apps Sync, by window’s registration key this enable.

Disabled services -particular service such as Google Calendar or Google Docs is disabled for your domain, that is now marked as disabled in the Synchronization Status dialog , Google apps does not try to sync this service

 “Error reported” fix-Issue: In some cases Google App displays error “unable to open email or information”, you have to close and start again Resolution: Issue preventing Google Apps Sync from opening the folders have been fixed

Updates are checked and downloaded to your computer automatically.

Updates are downloaded to your computer automatically, if administrator enables automatic updates.

Updates Effect: If you have Windows xp-Restart your computer If you have Windows Vista-Restart Outlook

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