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Google Warns Bad Websites 12 To 14 Million Times

Always Google welcome the good sites. But the bad sites are warned by the Google searches daily to pull out of the errors in the website, here after Google turn to speed up their everyday trigger and warn the bad or compromised websites 12-14 million times daily.
Some of the websites try to avoid the detection of Google search service by some techniques 
By free web hosting they are changing their location suddenly 
Automatic generation of new domain names 
By DNS(Domain Name Server) records 
Everyone knows that social media is the main weapon to attack the sites by hackers, even though the companies have secure browser and plug ins , the hackers also show their talent to deceive those software’s. The Google report says the phishing websites found every month is more but in 2012 it reached up to 300,000 websites.
Google finds average of 9500 malicious websites every day; mostly the innocent websites are hacked by the hackers others are built with malware protection, by the Google effective search service 150,000 bad website are found per month. The user have to co-operate with Google services to avoid hacking, Google have some alert for the user to protect their websites.

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