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HTML5-Mobile Web Application Apps

HTML 5 is used to create documents on web , they have enhancing features and applications , some applications of HTML5 are follows. web application development are expertise in HTML5 services.


It is simple drawing application used to create and sketch drawings, you can create your own idea of images and sketch the ideas, it will automatically resize image according your ideas and drawings, it is ideal one for the android devices, they are developed on the platform of iOS and android.

Geo Meter: 

Geo meter is the important factor to track your locations and data, you can locate your information such as longitude, altitude and speed and direction using geo meter and you can map your location by Google maps.

Open App Market: 

It is the open market for the web apps , you can integrate the apps and programming language these are well used in the android mobile, you can add this apps by using the mobile web apps in your screen.


HTML 5 apps have major part in you tube applications , there will be native you tube apps in your mobile including ios, android and blackberry, it include and enable some features like query suggestion , playlist and like and unlike or favorite video option.

Pocket Market:

This is the latest web apps from the HTML5 web applications, it keep on tracking the latest prices in the market and commodities in the trade market on NYMEX, the feature products or price chart are displayed as a chart for the user view , you can keep on updating the products available in the market. .

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