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Keep Your Eye On Most Asked Question and Answer About Google

Every people have interest to know about the Google, now it is the right time to utilize this with question and answers, learn about the new techniques about Google, Page Speed and SEO. Some of Question and Answer are follows.

Does Google search bot load time to track pages? 

Lot of people assumes that bot measures page load, but is not like that bot does not care the measuring speed.

What does the Google do to gather the data of page speed? 

Google uses the tools Page Speed to measure site performance in other case they use RUM (real end user monitoring) to check the site speed.

How Google gather real world performance data? 

If you are using Google toolbar with page rank checking activation then the tool will measure the page load time, these results are combined to gather the real world data’s.

What Browser Google toolbar supports?

This tool bar already placed in the chrome and also it available as add on tool bar for internet explorer 6. But now they are recently discontinued fire fox support.

What page Google measure?

Google measures every pages visited by the user

Does search algorithm load time calculated by Google analytics?

Google does not use any kind of Google analytics for this purpose; it would allow them to sample more modern browsers.

How much should care about my Page Speed?

The search ranking does not need any page speed, if we are maintaining the page speed between 20 to 40 % is relevant speed for faster growth.

Will preloading content hurt my ranking?

No it won’t hurt any rankings. Preloading is the front end optimization technique it predicts the pages are most likely to visit next and then pushes page resources to the visitor’s

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