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Lay Off's Announcement By Big Players In May 2012

BlackBerry-maker RIM to cut 2000 jobs globally: 

Black Berry the maker of RIM planning to cut 2000 jobs globally due to operative loss, they planning to hire bankers for the strategic review, this layoff has expecting to roll on june.

Yahoo Confirms layoff : 

Yahoo has announced a massive layoff around 2000 jobs, this announcement has badly affected some internet companies, they are planning to cut 14% of job of its workforce, it is considered to be one of the sixth mass lay off in the past 4 years.

HP to Lay off 27,000 Largest Layoffs in Company History: 

Hewlett-Packard Co is planning to slash 27000, they are tend to cut 8% of its workforce, it is one of the world largest computer company, The cuts are expected to save $3 billion to $3.5 billion annually.

Olympus Layoffs Could Reach 2,500 Company: 

Olympus Lay off could reach about 2500, this company, this company was hit by 1.7 billion fraud scandal to sell Equity Stake(Tokyo), this lay off was announced by Wednesday.

 Pilgrim Pride may lay off 400 workers: 

Pilgrim Pride set to lay off over 400 workers in Chattanooga, this is because due to efficiency problems ,The workers are trying to resolve this lay off in the companies in order to develop and fulfill their needs.

Face book IPO Problem: 

Face book website temporarily goes down due to ipo(initial public offering) ie the stock was high nearly 23 percent from it ipo price, the shares on the facebook have closed upto 5 percent.

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