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Paid Keyword Tool- For More Analysis and Research Of Keyword

Keyword makes the successful strategy for the search engine optimization. Several keyword tools available in market they are paid and subscription based services, for more analysis and competitive some features are not free so we have to subscribe these tools. Some keyword tools are following

SEM Rush:

SEM Rush keyword tool provide data on both organic and ppc phrase match report, it is easy to find out the relevant keywords and the organic results, this tool gives you the information of the common keywords used on your domain and competitors. It will give the information of keyword positions, cost and no of queries, limited data is free for more we have to subscribe $10 to $69 per month.

Keyword Spy: 

Keyword Spy tool provide related keywords, cpc and search volume of the keyword used, the unique feature of the tools is to find the misspellings of the popular keyword used by the competitor. The misspelled keyword can help to find opportunity to find saturation in the market.

Word Tracker:

Word Tracker tool provide search volume and seo competition data’s. live demo is shown on this tool indicates the measurement and rank of the websites and its optimization. Word Tracker tool not only crawl the data from Google, it have own set of site to crawl such small search engine such as and


SpyFu is mainly used for the PPC management and content mapping for the SEO, it provides new keyword ideas , CPC range, search volume, negative matches.


Hub Spot is the inbound marketing software which provide SEO tools , we can calculate rankings, analyze keywords and calculate ROI.

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