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Reasons To Choose HTML5 For Your Web Site Creation

The advance edition of HTML is HTML5 it is used to create document on the web , HTML5 have enhance futures for the programmers and developers such as video, audio and canvas elements. They have separate rules and format for the graphics and audio in the web page. Programmers use the tags like section, article and header to create the web page more intelligent and efficient.web developers india are expertise in HTML5 services.

Reasons to choose HTML5:


HTML5 play major role in creating accessible sites for the two reason they are semantics and ARIA.

Semantics: New tag which the screen readers can examine the HTML document in clean view, some of the Semantics tag are header, footer, nav, aside and section


ARIA: It is the W3c specification used to assign roles in the HTML document , they create and import attributes like header , footer ,navigation or article , HTML 5 will validate this attributes and create landmark for the page.

Video and Audio Support:The video and audio is well supported in the HTML5 by video and audio tag. • Makes the audio play automatically. • Make the audio repeat (loop) automatically.

Game Development:

Now a days developing games becomes popular among the game developers, HTML5 supports these developers by the canvas tag , they provide great mobile friendly fun and interactive games , HTML 5 build asteroids with the HTML5 game engine.

Cross Browser Support:

HTML5 support cross browser to make the things popular and real, some browser like fire fox, internet explorer and chrome supports HTML5 but sometime doc types are not supported by this browser at that time HTML5 gives you cross browser .

Better Interactions:For the dynamic website we need more better interactions, HTML 5 provides you with facility of

  • Drag and Drop (DnD) 
  • Offline storage database 
  • Browser history management 
  • document editing
  • Timed media

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