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Significance of Using 301 Permanent Redirects

Before we go any further, you are most likely wondering what in the world 301 redirects are in the first place am I right? You’ve heard the term, heard people asking about it and are inquisitive but it just sounds so technical you aren’t sure what to do with it.

Let me assure you that 301 redirects are as easy as a click of a button and very helpful when you want to protect your domain names. Classically companies obtain multiple domain names to protect their competition from taking their .net or .org name. For example, if you have just registered, it is a good idea to also register and even

Some people even go so far as to register the misspellings of their domain name just to be sure that your competition doesn’t clutch a hold of it. The problem is you don’t want to have to expand numerous different sites and it is frowned upon by Google to have several web sites with identical content. So what do you do?

You place a 301 redirect on your web site. This tells search engines where to find your preferred web site.
This helps you because if someone types in say, instead of which is the proper way to enter your web site address, the person who typed in will automatically be redirected to the correct web site. Using a 301 redirect makes the search engines pleased and prevents you from having to develop multiple web sites with the same content which the search engines hate anyhow.

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