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Tips to Maximize your PPC Impressions

Maximizing the PPC impressions by getting best return from limited budget, is the goal for almost every webmaster on Google. There are more ways to maximize the impression share:

Ad Quality

Ad Quality is nothing but Ad Quality Score, which speaks about the CTR (click-through rate) of keywords and matched ads. Create granular ad groups by writing & testing good ads. The Ad Quality Score is a number assigned for paid ads in hybrid auctions to determine the ad rank on SERPs.

“The Higher the Ad Quality Score, the lower the keyword bid price”.

Acceleration Ad Delivery

Accelerate ad delivery is an option found in Ad delivery campaign settings. When budget is selected for your ad campaign, you can choose either Standard or Accelerated Delivery for your ads. Accelerated ad delivery displays the ads as often as possible, until the budget is reached. Don’t set your budget below the system recommended budget, as it may not receive all impressions possibly.

Increase Your Bid

Increasing your bid will improve the ad position and visibility of ads on Google display network. Raising your bid increases higher rankings ads which help you to get more impressions.

Adjust Keyword Match Type

Broad match modifier is an Adwords targeting feature that allows you to create keywords which are greater than phrase match. Lengthy keywords create more impressions than key phrases and it’s not much risky, if you use negative keywords. Most of the advertising who are looking for market dominance will not consider the expanded broad match keyword. Adding modified broad match keywords to your campaign generates more clicks and conversions at attractive ROI.

Adjust Regional or Placement Targeting Parameters

Adjusting your regional or placement targeting parameters will act as a filter for your. If you increase or decrease your regional or placement targets, you can readjust the budget and increase the impression share and cover the cost for new campaign settings.

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