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Top 10 High Revenue Generating Classifieds Websites In India

Online classified advertising has sheer volume for the growth of business in small scale industries all around the india. This online classified advertising profits around 800 crores, web development company provides information about some of the best 10 classified advertiser are follows.
Alexa rank-975 
Daily income-$3000 
Alexa rank-1100 
Daily income-$2500 
Alexa rank-2200 
Daily income-$1300 
Alexa rank-3962 
Daily income-$700 
Alexa rank-5348 
Daily income-$500
Alexa rank-7500 
Daily income-$400 
Alexa rank-11,000 
Daily income-$250
Alexa rank-17000 
Daily income-$170 
Alexa rank-17000 
Daily income-$140 

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