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Top 10 Shopping Engines For the Online Shoppers

Search engine shopping is used for the online customers or shoppers to purchase or sell their products. Some of them are free other are payable services, These are the best 10 comparison shopping engines, based on traffic, revenue ,merchant response ratings comparison on merchant shopping sites.

Google product search:

It is the top most search engine shopping service , Google offer free service now. Online customer can manually upload their bulk feeds via FTP, the merchants are allowed to list their commercial products. Google is going to charge this service from October 15.


Shoppers can search their products, tickets, real estate and travel. They have features to compare to other shopping sites, this shopping is pay service and allow you to optimize your products appear on comparison pages.

Price grabber:

Online shoppers can compare product price and reviews and ratings, they have additional features of sending their products to yahoo shopping. This shopping is also pay service it allow bulk feed via FTP.

It allows product listing based on price and merchant attributes, well known shopping site e-bay owns this and it will allow analyzing the products and its reviews. This shopping is also pay service it allows bulk feed via FTP.

Amazon Product Ads:

This shopping is pay service allow the merchant to link with customer externally, they have additional features to add their service in Amazon market place.


Shopzilla helps to connect shoppers with unique retailers, Shopzilla connects shoppers with over 100 million products. This shopping is also pay service it allows bulk feed via FTP.


Those who look for low price and top performing merchants then pronto shopping search engine well suits you. This shopping is also pay service.

Become .com:

Become .com helps the shoppers to find the best products. This shopping is also pay service it allows bulk feed via FTP


It is the free shopping search engine compiles product data, price and reviews. Microsoft Advertising ad Center account has to be activated and established to use Bing shopping.

The find:

The Find shopping search engine display local searches, coupon and information about the products. Merchants can give The Find bot access to their product pages for crawling.

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