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Top 5 Open Source Software Customizations-To Develop Your Websites

Open source is the free license software to create a personal or commercial websites, these software’s are Content Management Systems, this is popular due to ease of use, scalability and usability. Here 5 top open source customization are discussed.

Word Press:
It is one of the most popular CMS, it is free source blogging tool based on the PHP and My-Sql , several themes and plug in are supported by the word press software, web development company have great ideas and suggestion to develop the word press software. Seo plug in also supported by these software, these plug in make your work and suggestion easy.

• Easy installation. 
• 1000’s of high quality themes and plug-ins. 
• Easy to add popular and common features
• Easy to administer 
Drupal was designed for the high traffic sites, it is a powerful and expandable system that allow user to publish, manage and organize the content in the websites for the user. This software are also based on the php, this drupal is divided into two portion core and module.
Core       –    maintained by the developers
Module   –   maintained by community contributors
• Highly scalable 
Large support base 
• Easy to use end-user interface 
Very expandable 
It is one of the powerful content management system, it is easy for use to create e-commerce websites , personal and media portals, it also support large number of plug in, web developers india  has scalability to develop this content management systems.
• User Management 
• Polls 
• Menu Manager 
• Largest number of plug-in 

Umbraco is very popular among designers due to open template system, it automatically format the content in the websites, it uses ASP.NET master pages technique to design the template, it is one of the most deployed web content systems. 
• Enhanced User Interface 
.NET support 
• Tighter package integration 
• Widgets 
• Multi-level galleries 
b2evolution is best known and support for admin settings and multiple blog during installation, b2evolution is powered by PHP and MySQL, most other cms require plug in for the accessibility but b2evolution allow this very simple.

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